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At Linton Fencing and Sportsgrounds, we produce structurally engineered, fully galvanised spectator stands to suit your needs.

We supply and erect our wide range of stands to a ready site, as well as offer all civil work as part of the package. The simple design allows for a rapid installation onsite, with minimal interference to the surrounding areas. What’s more, is that all our spectator ground installations are created in accordance with the Northern Ireland Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds (RED Guide), which seeks to encourage the meeting of achievable standards for new and existing construction.

Our spectator stands are suitable for a multitude of venues throughout the UK and Ireland focusing on smaller, more personal sporting clubs whilst being capable of expanding to larger venues - we can deliver a stand that is strong, supportive and serves its purpose to the highest standard.

Spectator Stand Design

We deliver spectator stands that are designed to exceed expectations. There are many different types of stands available to choose from when you select Linton Fencing and Sportsgrounds as your contractor.

As professionals in the industry, we understand the importance of a robust, reliable design that compliments the space available instead of compromising it. When planning for your space, there are a few design elements to consider when selecting from the many options we offer, such as:

Space availability: we are skilled at maximising space in sites with tight space requirements, and know how to make adjustments to meet the needs of each facility. Whether it be 4,000 person spectator stands or 50 seat spectator stands - we can help you best utilise the area available.

Capacity: if spectators are to stand or be seated on the pitch or area of activity, the total number allowed should take into account the ingress or egress capacity of the entrances and exits available around the pitch or area of activity, and to the arrangements made for emergency evacuation. The assessments made will differ according to the individual ground, and whether it is primarily used for seated or standing accommodation.

Sightline: this relates to the spectator’s ability to see the field of play from their seat over the head of the spectator in the row in front of them. Sightlines can be enhanced through a steeper pitch of the seating rows, lowering the front row elevation, or increasing the distance of the focal point on the field from the actual seating rows.

As our practises are guided by the Northern Ireland Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds - an advisory document for use by competent persons at designated sports grounds - you can trust that all of our designs are safe, secure, and successfully built to meet your requirements.

Spectator Stands Installation

Constructing and installing a spectator stand must be completed by an experienced and qualified contractor. For over 10 years, Linton Fencing and Sportsgrounds have been installing fencing and spectator stand packages across the UK and Ireland including Cardiff, Dublin and Belfast.

The construction process follows a tried and tested method that we are proud to have mastered over the years. We always enjoy having initial consultations with our clients, so we can provide them with the best combination of layout and specification. This helps us ensure that we meet their needs to the best of our ability, and continue to strengthen our company’s success.

All processes are carried out with a strict adherence to quality and durability.

As such, we maintain a flexible, responsive and safety conscious approach - from the design phase to final installation. When you choose Linton Fencing and Sportsgrounds, we can guarantee you the following:

  • Unparalleled service
  • Fast and efficient installation
  • Use of high quality materials
  • Professional workmanship
  • Space maximisation
  • Comfortable seating
  • Meets industry standards

Below is a list of the different type of spectator stands that we can install:

  • Standing or seated spectator stands
  • Standing and seated concrete terracing
  • Football spectator stands
  • GAA Spectator Stands
  • Rugby Spectator Stands
  • Hockey Spectator Stands

Want to Know More About Spectator Stands?

No matter what your requirements are, we can help you find the perfect spectator stand that works for you, your visitors, and your space.

Based just outside of Moira in Northern Ireland, Linton Fencing and Sportsgrounds is an experienced fencing contractor with an impressive catalogue of completed contracts throughout the UK and Ireland.

We are always happy to answer any questions and would appreciate the opportunity to expand on the many benefits of our spectator stands. Please do not hesitate to get in touch by phone 02892621317 or email info@lintonfencing.com for an informal discussion about your requirements.

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Structurally engineered, fully galvanised spectator
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