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Perimeter fences represent a boundary that exists to seclude a property for safeguarding purposes. They are commonly used for security, privacy, and visual appeal. As they are designed to enclose a given area and deter unauthorised access, installing a perimeter fence on your property is one of the best ways of preventing unwanted visitors.

At Linton Fencing and Sportsgrounds, we make it easy to protect your property, offering a range of products for boundary demarcation with differing levels of security.

Which Perimeter Fencing Design Should You Choose?

There are several different fencing protection systems to choose from. The most common come in a series of vertical metal bars. These perimeter fences are often connected at the top and bottom using a horizontal bar to reinforce them, making them perfect for high security properties.

There are also more extreme perimeter security solutions which may require the installation of an electric security fence. These are especially effective at preventing intruders from accessing your property.

Perimeter fencing is best suited for both commercial and residential places, including:

  • Residential homes
  • Schools
  • Prisons
  • Department stores
  • Hospitals
  • Office buildings
  • Athletic facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Docklands

Plus, some perimeter fences are excellent for securing swimming pools and other utility stations from potential tampering.

All of the above usually house expensive or dangerous equipment, or their occupants will be compromised in a unique way should intruders enter the premises and vice versa. No matter what size of business you operate, a perimeter fence is a great choice for ensuring security at all times.

Benefits of a Perimeter Fence

With our experience in the industry, we have seen many different reasons for clients wanting to have a perimeter fence installed around their property or business. While protection is the main purpose that perimeter fencing serves, it also comes with many more benefits that our clients enjoy, such as:

With added security, perimeter fencing provides great peace of mind, something that many of our clients value the most when they come to us for fencing solutions. This way, you don’t need to worry about external or internal damage, which can in turn boost your property’s overall market value.

Having a perimeter fence installed around your property also increases privacy, allowing you to feel comfortable to perform your daily activities without worrying about onlookers. This is another critical reason why perimeter fences increase property market value - as it adds an extra layer of seclusion and safety which many buyers will find more appealing and worth the investment compared to others.

Fencing also allows an institution or event to have a common and controlled point of entry. For example, playgrounds and sports arenas are places where you need to monitor the movements of both players and spectators. A perimeter fence would therefore be the best fence type to invest in, as you can focus entry, exits, ticketing or payment booths and security checkpoints in such a case.

Custom-made perimeter fences can be tailored to meet the aesthetic expectations of the client. Coupled with artistically designed gates and beautiful landscaping, or even on their own, fences can be a work of art as well as a practical feature. In addition, fences can be used to communicate or reflect the themes of an institution, like branded football pitch perimeter fencing for example.

Perimeter fencing is an excellent long-term solution. As well as being relatively cost-effective, this type of fencing will last for a long time with minimal maintenance required once installed by a professional. From here, your fencing will be robust and it won’t need to be regularly serviced or updated. All you have to do is ensure that your security fencing is professionally installed so you can rely on it and gain maximum benefit - something you can guarantee when you choose an expert fencing contractor to do the job.

A Perimeter Fence Company That Puts Security First

Based just outside of Moira in Northern Ireland, Linton Fencing and Sportsgrounds is an experienced fencing contractor with an impressive catalogue of completed contracts throughout the UK and Ireland.

At Linton Fencing and Sportsgrounds, we manufacture and supply a wide range of high quality perimeter fencing that is suitable for all security requirements. Our in-house team of professional designers and fitters are able to respond to all of our clients’ bespoke enquiries. So whether you want to chat with us about perimeter fence construction, installation or protection - we can help by providing only the very best perimeter fencing solution for you.

We are always happy to answer any questions and would appreciate the opportunity to expand on the many benefits of our perimeter fencing. Please do not hesitate to get in touch by phone 02892621317 or email for an informal discussion about your requirements.

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