Top Quality Netting for All Purposes

Our number one priority is ensuring our fences serve their purpose to the highest standard. From ball stop fencing for your sports club, to litter netting for councils and landfill - Linton Fencing and Sportsgrounds can provide you with quality fencing solutions that are both durable and reliable.

For over a decade, Linton Fencing and Sportsgrounds has been a leading fencing and sports netting contractor, having completed successful installations across the UK and Ireland including Cardiff, Dublin and Belfast.

Sports and Ball Stop Netting

Sports netting can be varied and customised to suit each individual sport type. If you require netting for your football, golf, cricket or general sports club - you have definitely come to the right place.

As each sport is so unique, we understand that there will be different standards and specifications to meet. With our extensive experience of working in the fencing industry, you can trust that we have delivered solutions for every kind of sport, meaning you don’t have to worry about starting from scratch when you choose Linton.

If your main concern is protecting your pitches and keeping equipment enclosed within your facility, we also specialise in robust and highly effective ball stop fencing.

The Benefits of Sports Netting

All netting we provide comes with many benefits, let’s take a closer look at the advantages you can expect from us:

Keeps spectators safe: our commercial-grade ball stop netting is ideal for providing ongoing protection to spectators at venues like sports stadiums or outdoor pitches. This can be to protect against foul balls, hockey pucks, tennis balls, and other sports-related objects that can cause harm when used with force during play. Plus, as spectators can see through it, their vision is not obstructed.

Helps prevent property damage: whether you’re erecting netting for residential or commercial reasons, it can act as a great deterrent of property damage. Whether it be purposeful vandalism, or unforeseen harm such as stray golf balls, extreme weather conditions or even construction debris - netting can safeguard your property and the facilities within it from anything life throws at it!

Helps minimise liability risks: if you want to keep visitors and staff safe, then netting is the best way to avoid an unwanted lawsuit after someone gets hurt by getting hit by a flying something-or-other.

Brings the game to life: whether it be for amateur or professional teams, sports games are nothing without netting to keep the game in check!

Low maintenance and affordable: once a sports or ball stop net is installed, you will instantly reap the rewards of the investment. At Linton, we guarantee that you can expect the combination of high quality and low maintenance for many years to come. Plus, they are lightweight, strong and flexible, making them perfect for purpose and highly durable.

Easy and quick to install: with our experience, our expert fitters can install a sports or ball stop net fast (without skimping on efficiency or attention to detail). To find out more, get in touch with us today for an estimate.

Landfill and Litter Netting

Putting netting around your landfill or dump site can also have many benefits, including:

  • Prevention of trash blowing around towns and villages due to unpredictable weather conditions
  • Keeping animals out of the area, therefore reducing trash scatter and disease transmission
  • Increased control - a fence with a locked gate can allow opening hours to be set, so on-site staff can control where and how waste and debris is handled to help keep the operations under control
  • Increased public safety – a netted fence with a locked gate can prevent the public trespassing onto the site, protecting them against harmful substances and preventing accidents from happening

Our past projects have seen us deliver strong netting solutions for the likes of councils and construction companies. If you think your project, business or local authority could benefit from this type of netting - we can happily consult with you on what the best options would be.

We’re a Sports Netting Company You Can Trust

At Linton Fencing and Sportsgrounds, we pride ourselves on providing top quality netting for all types of uses and organisations.

We design, cut and install custom netting for any setting, and will go to great lengths to provide you with a suitable and secure netting solution that fits your budget.

We always welcome any questions and would appreciate the opportunity to expand on the many benefits of our sports netting. Please do not hesitate to get in touch by phone 02892621317 or email for an informal discussion about your requirements.

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Top quality netting for all types
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