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Ensure Full Protection With a High Security Fence

Whether it be for military bases or secure hospitals - such facilities deserve the best possible protection at all times. One way to guarantee the security of your property is by implementing high security fencing by a reputable company. At Linton Fencing and Sportsgrounds, we can supply high security fencing with SR1, SR2 and SR3 accreditation, as well as LPCB rated fencing systems.

Designed and manufactured to include a range of features, your next high security fencing project is already secured when you choose Linton as your provider.

The Benefits of High Security Fencing

The main benefit of installing a high security fence is ensuring your property, its facilities and occupants are fully protected. This can be to combat acts like vandalism and theft, guard against external threats like intruders, or else to protect the public.

As such, a high security fence acts as a useful deterrent for these possible instances. In the rare case that it doesn’t - this type of security fence can make it very difficult for people to make quick getaways - increasing the chances of them getting caught and being accurately prosecuted.

On top of this, a secure fencing system can bring great peace of mind, knowing that your land or property is guarded 24/7 without having manned security on your premises all day.

High Security Fence System Ratings

Fencing certification ranges form SR1 to SR8, with SR1 proven against minimal levels of force and SR5 currently being the highest level available for fencing.

These are the standards explained:

  • SR1: opportunistic attack by bodily physical force and stealth using only category A hand tools for a maximum of 10 minutes
  • SR2: a determined opportunistic attack by bodily physical force by stealth but this time employing hand tools form category A and B for up to 15 minutes
  • SR3: deliberate forced entry of a protected premises using the category A, B and C tools, including battery powered tools for a maximum time of 20 minutes
  • SR4: an experienced forced entry attempt for up to 30 minutes using higher level tools, including category A, B, C and D but also heavy tools including axes, sledgehammer, steel wedges, drills, disc grinder and jigsaw
  • SR5: the most serious fencing security rating. Rated against a serious attempt at forced entry with high end battery powered cutting tools used by fire and rescue teams for at least 30 minutes

For more information on these security ratings, you can find out more via the Loss Prevention Standard LPS 1175: Issue 8.1.

LPCB Rating Explained

LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) is a globally recognised third-party certification body that has been delivering certainty for over 150 years.

It works closely with UK government security agencies, police services, risk consultants and architects to determine the standards for fire and security products and services. It also independently tests and certifies fencing systems to LPS 1175 security ratings.

The LPS 1175 Certification was introduced by the LPCB in the mid-1990s. To achieve a certified LPS 1175 security rating, a fence or gate will be physically tested to a standard which stipulates the allowable toolset and minimum attack time at each classification level. To pass, a fence must be able to prevent a person, represented by an elliptical test block (measuring 400mm major axis by 225 mm minor axis and at least 300mm long) from breaching its fabric and structure.

A fence with a LPS 1175 rating is ideal for commercial properties with specific risks or a requirement for certified, high security. Other benefits of having a rated fencing system include:

  • It demonstrates due diligence (the use of certificated products is encouraged by insurers), which builds credibility and instils trust in your property/facility
  • It saves time and money when it comes to researching and purchasing effective equipment and services
  • It reduces fire and security risks - ensuring the highest level of safety for all persons involved

At Linton, we offer several LPCB rated fencing systems, please get in touch with us to find out more about what we can do for you.

Types of High Security Fencing

There are different types of high security perimeter fencing to choose from, including:

High security mesh fencing: a mesh security fence is typically made from steel that’s welded at intersections to provide a strong level of protection and security. It is perfectly suited to commercial premises and sportsgrounds, where the fencing needs to be erected at a greater height than other standard fence designs.

High security palisade fencing: palisade fencing comprises robust vertical steel pales secured to horizontal rails to form panels that mount on steel RSJ support posts. Difficult to cut and climb because of the high-strength materials and lack of footholds, palisade is a great choice when the primary concern is vandal/intruder resistance.

Suitable for Both Commercial and Residential Properties

Whether the purpose be to protect a commercial or residential property - both deserve access to protection.

For businesses, site security is paramount. Key decision-makers will understand the need to protect not just the building - but its facilities and occupants, too. One way to ensure ultimate protection against vandalism, break-ins and even high-level threats is by implementing commercial security measures. While internal security solutions are beneficial, the best place to start is with the exterior. Luckily, security fencing nowadays comes with multiple options, as well as the ability to customise so that it meets specific needs. For example: fencing can be tailored to deter specific threats, ensuring that proactive measures are being taken, rather than reactive.

For homeowners that are concerned about their property and family’s safety can also benefit from high security fencing. Not only can you be rest assured that your home is protected, but you can also dictate the aesthetics of your fence, which can additionally enhance the look of your property and even increase its value, should you decide to sell it in the future.

Speaking of customised security fencing - whatever reason you wish to get high security fencing installed - there are varying security levels you can choose from. All in all, the possibilities really are endless when it comes to fencing your property.

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